Private Hire Dog Park

Bring your fur-friends to our 5 acre, fully-secured dog park to blow off some steam! 

Keep your dog safe and away from livestock behind our 2-meter-high fencing.  There are no breed restrictions, no muzzles required and no limit to the number of dogs you can bring!  With 2 parks to choose from, you can have an open playing field for super-fast zoomies or ball throwing or, try out some of our features in the agility park!  Our off-lead dog park is also available for training groups.

Grooming Salon

Book your dog in for a groom, a bath, or a de-shed, in our grooming salon.  We use a variety of products to suit your dog, and to ensure they are kept comfortable and looking their best!

Boarding Kennels

In our boarding kennels, our aim is to keep your dog as relaxed as possible.  Our routine is simple, but gets your dog minded in a safe, and stress-free environment.  Our temperature-controlled sleeping quarters are designed to limit stress on your dog while you’re away.  Each dog has access to their own outdoor run, that’s fully covered in, but with a full view of everything outside, in an idyllic, countryside setting.  Every dog gets brought out to our dog park for exercise each day.  We never mix dogs, unless they are from the same home and we carefully choose who can stay next-door to who to reduce any chance of them having a bark-a-thon while they’re here with their new neighbours!  We recommend that you also book into the dog park or do more than one night’s trial so that your dog is less stressed when they out of their usual


Our purpose-built cattery has space for your cat’s comfort, but is cosy enough to make them feel secure and safe in their surroundings.  With the excellent insulation provided in the cattery, you can be sure that they are kept cool in the summer, and warm in the winter; we even provide heat lamps for those cats that just crave the cosy heat on their backs.